Red Lipstick Remains My Fashion Trademark, Dr Bukola Bello Jaiyesimi

Punch Newspaper April 28, 2018.

Dr Bukola Bello Jaiyesimi is the Chief Strategist of Irachy PR and International president, African Women Foundation for Nation Building. In this interview, she speaks to Ademola Olonilua on her career, hobbies and love life.

How would you describe your childhood?
I am the last child out of five children and my childhood was very interesting. I was a good girl while growing up and it was fun.

Were you pampered as the last child of the family?
I will say yes because my parents had time for me. My siblings are older than me with a lot of years, so I was not really saddled with doing a lot of chores as there was really no time that everyone was at home at the same time except during holiday breaks or festive seasons. I was mostly at home with my immediate elder sister and after some time, she went to secondary school and I was home with just my parents. I had a lot of attention from my siblings and parents and I loved it.

We see cases where someone studies a course in school but branches out to another field. Was that the case with you as you?
My Doctoral research is in international diplomacy. This scenario would have been applied to me but very early in life, I understood what I wanted and the role education would play in what I had to achieve in life. I would not say that what had happened to some people happened to me.

When I finished my first degree in Business management, I made up my mind that every other classroom I would learn anything, it had to be practical to my business or what I am doing at the time and that was what I did.

When I needed to get an MBA, I did so because I wanted to become an entrepreneur. When I discovered that I did more things that needed me to acquire some knowledge in law and business, I was able to do a master’s degree in international business law. It is a journey for me; education and career are interwoven for me. It is not about having the certificates and piling them up or bragging about them. It has to do with how important those certificates are to what I am doing and how I can use my achievements to motivate those that look up to me.

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